Our Small Shop was on TV!!

Our Small Shop was on TV!!

We're so happy to be able to tell everyone our experience with our TV Interview. 

Back in February we were approached by a wonderful person, Brittany, who is an Executive Producer for the morning show "SA Living", on our local San Antonio News4SA WOAI Channel. 

Her initial contact was to tell us that she was very excited about having my small shop and Myself be interviewed live for Womens History Month! I was super nervous because its something that I have never done!!!!  My initial reaction was to automatically think it was fake! I even held off on replying for over a week! (Imagine if I had taken longer)

However, she sent me another message through IG, @officialbabysalute, and told me that it would be a quick 5 minute interview with a few questions about my shop, and what kind of products I sell. 

I got even more nervous, but at the same time thought about my babies, my shop, and all the future plans I had for it. It gave me that extra push I needed to say Yes to the interview and start to prepare. 

I created a small video with my products, from the first pacifier clips I started to make back in 2018, to the current ones I have now.   I threw in some swaddle pictures, and a bunch of the silicone products as well.  I delivered some items to them so they could use as props for their interview and slowly but surely the day finally came! March 10th, to that day, I had never been so nervous, anxious, excited, happy, and everything!  

It was the quickest and longest 5 minutes of my life! lol!   I loved every minute of it though. I do everything for my babies! The community that follows my shop on IG loved it, congratulated me, and above all made me feel comfortable being in that interview. 

You can watch the interview online now at https://news4sanantonio.com/sa-living/essential-safe-and-modern-baby-gear

I even had a moment to announce where I sell my products aside from selling them online!

I was very happy in the end, I ran to hug my babies and I was beyond proud of myself!  As always, Thank you to my Community, my Family, and my Friends!


You can find us online at babysalute.com or if you are a San Antonio Local, you can find us onsite at the Arbor Park Pop Market, and Downtown at St.Paul Square!

Follow us on IG and FB!  Tag us in your photos! Come along with me through all of my mom moments!

 Thank you Brittany!  Thank you SA Living! You all made me feel welcomed and comfortable. The opportunity to be on your show means so much to me as a mom and small business owner! 

Look how pretty our products look live!

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