Where to find us

Where to find us

One of our goals as a small business was to not only be online, but also be out in the public where we can reach our San Antonio Community. Thankfully we were blessed enough to have been a part of the "Pop Up Market" at St. Paul Square in the Busy Downtown San Antonio, Texas area. 

We had such a great time, met a great deal of new moms, and a bunch of Grandmas who took gifts home to their grandkids that day!  It truly was an experience that motivated us to keep going!  With every safety precaution we could take we still had the best of times. Our family and friends went to see us, only to find us with clients asking about swaddles, how a baby can be swaddled, or how to use a breezy blanket.  It came at a great surprise when we looked for a very popular Rainbow Swaddle, only to find that we sold all of them!!!!!

After our success there we went ahead and signed up to show up once a month to the Pop Up at St. Paul Square, at least from now till May. We look forward to meeting new people, and of course sharing our products, both current and new. 

If you are a San Antonio, Texas, Local, come check us out! We will be there on January 17th! We would love it!  1174 E Commerce St. San Antonio, Texas 78205

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