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Personalized Table Toddler/Baby Mat | Numbers and Shapes Edition

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BabySalute is very proud to present Our Original Signature Learning Personalized Mat!!!
This mat is for toddlers and babies who want to play with their food!! Eat while Learning! Learn your Numbers, count grapes, count carrots all while eating and learning! Want to see shapes too!?? March your food to the custom engraved shapes!

We're not the First to Personalize a mat, but we are the first to make it Educational and Personalized!

Make it your own for your baby, your toddler, a baby shower gift, or just a little keepsake that you want to give to someone!

You can use it On the Go, at restaurants, at home, and basically anywhere you don't want your babies food to touch the surface!

With all the germs out there, sometimes even a quick trip to a diner will be even better when you don't have to worry about your baby/toddler spilling food on a table and then trying to eat it!
With this mat you can rest assured that as long as you maintain it clean it will semi-stick to a smooth surface and then you can just peel it off when you're done. The beauty of this mat is that it is small and compact, however large enough that it covers an average eating area of a toddler/baby. Even better, since its 100% Food Grade silicone, the mess will clean right off with a wipe when you're in a hurry!

It has a stick bottom surface so it will stick to most surfaces like a table (most materials), high chairs (most materials), and essentially any smooth surface.

We offer 5 Fonts:
Farm Fun
Farm Princess

We can put a FIRST NAME ONLY in the center of this mat roughly 2 inches tall and as wide as the name looks nice. (This is within our discretion)
Some last names are too large to fit in with a first name, so we are limiting this to only first names.
Choose The Font you would like, then tell us the name we will personalize.

At the bottom of the Mat we will add all the numbers 0-10 to enhance Number Learning Ability
At the top we will add 4 Shapes to enhance Shape Learning and Identification.

We also offer Different colors:
Clary Sage
Navy Blue
Baby Blue

Light Grey

Pink Blush

100% Food Grade Silicone
This silicone is FDA approved by suppliers that ensure the highest quality
It has been tested to meet all US safety requirements
BPA Free, Lead Free, Phthalates Free, Latex Free, Non Toxic Material.

Suitable for ages 6 Months-5 years. Essentially, make sure your baby can sit up right before allowing the use of a mat. Never place on baby/toddler, this mat is meant to go on tables, flat surfaces. If they are old enough to remove from surface, then maybe its time to let go of the mat as this might cause more mess. Its very good at sticking to surfaces, but most older toddlers tend to slide it off once they learn.

Our Brand Baby Salute is already printed on each silicone item and can’t be removed, just as a notification so that you are aware, it still looks beautiful and we are very proud of it.

You can wipe off any excess food that is on the mat while on the go with a wipe
When available the best way to care for this mat is to use warm water and dish soap
The mat is dishwasher safe, top rack.

Buyers assume all responsibility for injury to persons arising out of, connected with, or resulting from the use of the above mentioned mat

We use an industrial laser machine to engrave these mats and there is a possibility of Beachwood odor being on the mat. We have never had this happen, but since we use the machine to engrave mile stone discs, and wooden rattles, we also use this machine for silicone products that are non toxic. be aware that there is a possibility of mixed odors. This has never happened, but we warn all the same. Minor flaws due to engraving should not be an issue. Minimal alignment issues might arise but for the most part, we align it perfectly. Some whiteness will appear on the Mat the first few uses, this goes away after a few washes.

Feel free to look at our website or instagram as well, for product updates, giveaways and more. @officialbabysalute