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Baby Salute

Kids Artwork Refrigerator Magnet

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Back to School time is the best time to gear up for memories!
We always make back to school memorable with our Signs, Banners, Daycare Items, and our Wooden Keepsakes!
Take a look at our awesome 6 Piece Set for any occasion from your little one! Whether they are adding an important document that needs a signature, to a beautiful art creation; these little signs will showcase their Creations on your fridge or any metal surface you can stick a magnet on!

We love Personalizing these little wooden rectangles with your little ones names! They also make a great gift for that special someone who has a child going back to school, daycare, home school, and more!

How we stand apart?? While other shops will send you 1 personalized rectangle, we send out a full set of 6, including Shipping on us, for a very good price! As a momma of two, and an Educator, I know the importance of these little items when school starts. So making this Modern, Affordable, Useful and quick to ship is my Priority!

6 Total Rectangles
What do they say:
1. (Personalized Name) Masterpiece
2. What I'm Learning this week
3. Homework
4. Important, dont forget to sign
5. Created By: (Personalized Name)
6. Look What (Personalized Name) Made

Just Type in the name during checkout so we can personalize 3 of the 6 rectangles. See photo to see which ones will be personalized. One Name is usually all that fits, so stick to less than 10 letters, but we will make most names fit even if they are larger, we might just shrink the name.

Also Type in the Font you would like we offer two fonts, a very Modern Autumn Font, and a very fun Farm Fun Font. 

These little Rectangles are made of Locally Sourced Bal tic Bir ch Wood. They are lightly sanded to be smooth and have magnets in the back to stick to metal surfaces.
Wood color will vary due to its nature, so you might end up with different shades of wood, color, markings, or. burn marks. This is perfectly normal since we laser engrave each item, sand, and then send it out.
Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, we are always online and ready to reply.

Size is 1.75 Inches tall, and 2.25 inches wide. Roughly.