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Personalized Baby Brush and Comb Set

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Baby Salute is very Happy to Bring you this Adorable Brush and Comb Set!

It is fully personalized to stand out as a gift or for personal use! This beautiful and useful keepsake makes the best memories and with the personalized touch! Hand it out as a Baby Shower Gift, to an expecting momma, or simply a New Born Gift to a momma that already had her baby. This also makes an amazing Rainbow Baby Gift with the ability to add a personalized name and a special art at the end of the wooden handle!


Description and Selection:

The Soft Brush has white strands that are very soft to the touch and sturdy enough to be used on a babys head. Make beautiful moments as a nice photo prop as well!

The Brush is made of Beechwood that is very soft and splinter free, however, it is very sturdy and will not break with every day use.

The Comb is Also made of Beechwood and is splinter free.

1. First Type out which of the 5 Fonts you would like! The first three are a combo, and the last two are just one font for both first and last name.

2. Then choose if you would like a certain Art Photo to really stand out in the personalization at the end of the wooden handle. Choose from 16 Characters to perfectly showcase that personalized gift! Make it you! (Comb will not have a Character just name, only Brush)

3. Then type in what you would like the name to show, Please only do two Names, First and Last so that they can fit in the Actual Brush Back side. If the name is too long we might need to shrink in size the overall Engrave.

Item Details:

The Brush is Made of Sturdy and Splinter Free Beechwood, the actual brushes are made of Goa t Bristles
The Comb is made of Sturdy and Splinter Free Beechwood

Brush size is roughly 1.57 Inches wide on the top part where the bristles are, and roughly 5.90 Inches tall.
Comb size is roughly 1.65 inches wide around the bristle area, and roughly 5.90 Inches tall.
These are meant to be used as a gift for babies, and would most likely not work for older toddlers as the bristles are a bit soft on the brush, and can snap with strong hair for older kids.

Safety and Care:
As will all wooden products, please do not soak in water
If you need to clean it, please use damp cloth to wipe off any mess, and air dry
If you need to treat it, you can use beeswax or coconut oil at your own discretion
This is non treated and only sanded polished. Use the above mentioned to treat if necessary.
This Brush set, has useful value, and has no play value, so please use only as directed and to be used only by adults, or with adult supervision.

Most orders will be engraved the same day the order is placed and if its before 3PM, we will ship out the same day! I am a teacher and usually get home around 4, so i have an hour to engrave orders and go to the post office. If not, for sure it will ship out the next morning!