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Baby Salute

Personalized Bento Box | Personalized Lunch Box | Snack On the Go Toddler Snack Name Engrave | Japanese Bento Lunch Box Collapsible Reusable

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BabySalute is very proud to present our Collapsible and Personalized Japanese Style Silicone Bento Box!!!
This awesome Lunch/Bento Box is amazing! It seals really well and keeps food inside without spilling!

We use it with both our toddlers and believe us, they use them alot!
I am a teacher and I decided to make one for myself!

Make it your own for your baby, your toddler, a baby shower gift, or even for you!

You can use it On the Go, at restaurants, at home, and basically anywhere you want to take your lunch, dinner, snacks to go!

This adorable, usable, and safe Bento Box is made with Food Grade Silicone. It does have a plastic lining on the closing part to make sure you can close it properly! a

DID WE MENTION ITS COLLAPSIBLE! AHH we love it! It stays flat when in storage!

We offer 2 Fonts to Keep It Simple
1. A Modern Cursive Font for that Fancy Look
2. A Skinny Playful Font for any-day Look

We also put the name on Top or on Bottom, you choose.

We can put a FIRST NAME ONLY in the center of this Bento Box roughly 2 inches tall and as wide as the name looks nice. (This is within our discretion)
Some last names are too large to fit in with a first name, so we are limiting this to only first names.
Choose The Font you would like, then tell us the name we will personalize.

If you would like a Small Figure like a Car, a Truck, an Animal, an Apple, let us know in the personalize section. 

We also offer 14 Different colors

Food Grade Silicone
This silicone is FDA approved by suppliers that ensure the highest quality
It has been tested to meet all US safety requirements by a third party laboratory
We offer CPSA Certificates to our Whole Sale Clients only, however feel free to ask us any question about the rigorous testing!
BPA Free, Lead Free, Phthalates Free, Latex Free, Non Toxic Material.

Suitable for ages 3+

You can wipe off any excess food that is on the Bento Box while on the go with a wipe since the silicone is easy to clean
When available the best way to care for this Lunch Box is to use warm water and dish soap
The Lunch Box is dishwasher safe, top rack.
Some Foods with strong Food Coloring can stay stuck to the silicone, try to clean thoroughly

Buyers assume all responsibility for injury to persons arising out of, connected with, or resulting from the use of the above mentioned lunch box

We use an industrial laser machine to engrave these mats and there is a possibility of Beachwood odor being on the Bento Box. We have never had this happen, but since we use the machine to engrave mile stone discs, and wooden rattles, we also use this machine for silicone products that are non toxic. Be aware that there is a possibility of mixed odors. This has never happened, but we warn all the same. Minor flaws due to engraving should not be an issue. Minimal alignment issues might arise but for the most part, we align it perfectly. Some whiteness will appear on the Box the first few uses, this goes away after a few washes. Its essentially inside the engraving and goes away with warm washes, again this is non toxic

Feel free to look at our website or instagram as well, for product updates, giveaways and more. Tag us in your Photos and you may win giveaways and more! @officialbabysalute